Fresh Grocer, Key Food, now SuperFresh…Change is Good!

This is our most photographed building in New Brunswick, NJ.  Over the space of 4 years, the tenants changed several times, and each time, the property managers, DEVCO (New Brunswick Development Corp), asked us to photograph it…again.

While this is good for business, the real point of this post is to demonstrate how things change over time…and to reiterate: change is good.   

By way of history, I was originally asked to photograph DEVCO’s then latest project, a parking garage (pictured right), in December of 2012.  I had contacted DEVCO for permission to shoot New Brunswick from atop the tallest building in the city, The VUE, which was a property managed by DEVCO.   They had graciously allowed me to do so, and in the process of photographing the city, they asked me to photograph their newest building.  I did, and once they saw my work, we quickly established a working relationship…we (my wife and I) have been shooting for DEVCO ever since.  

Fast forward to 2017: the RWJ Grocer (first Fresh Grocer, then Key Food, now SuperFresh) is a unique building in that it houses a parking garage, a coffee house, a world-class gym, and a first-rate grocery that has proven VERY popular with the local residents.  As a multifunctional structure, it is in keeping with current architectural trends that emphasize function over form.  And given the limited space available in a densely populated urban residential area, DEVCO’s project successfully blends multi-purpose functionality with a design aesthetic that emphasizes the notion that buildings are for people.

Despite all the changes over the last few years, the RWJ Grocer continues to remain constant in an otherwise dynamically changing urban environment.  

And speaking of change: New Brunswick will soon be host to an exciting contemporary Performing Arts Center across from the Heldrich Hotel, and a new mall dubbed “The Hub @ New Brunswick Station” conspicuously located directly across from New Brunswick’s Train Station and the RWJ Grocer, DEVCO’s humble multi-purpose parking garage.   Both are new DEVCO projects and they will be VERY good for business.  

Better times ahead…hope to see you then.


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  1. ReplyCarmelo Loran
    Frank, great shots. You have found your niche. Continue your great work. Much success.
      Hola Melo, Hope all is well. Thank you for your support! If you're back up this way, please do contact us...we would love a meet-up. Until then, my friend...God Bless and take care... Frank Villafane & Rose Rios 732-688-1467