Jersey City : Skyscraper Capital


We had the opportunity to visit Jersey City, the Skyscraper Capital of NJ, this past weekend and decided to get there early and hit our favorite places: Exchange Plaza and NewPort. 
BTW, if you haven’t been to Exchange Plaza or NewPort, you owe it to yourself to visit; the view of lower Manhattan is particularly beautiful and not to be missed (and the Jersey City Skyline ain’t too bad either!). 

First up, some views of Manhattan.  Just in case you’re wondering, what is that funky building in the middle of the Hudson?  It’s a ventilation shaft! It provides air to the Port Authority tunnels thru a system of fans (42 total in 4 buildings) which exchange the air in the tunnels every 90 seconds…who knew? 


While views of Manhattan are nice, we really came to see Jersey City and all those great skyscrapers – so…below are the Goldman Sachs Tower, the Merrill Lynch Building and the Exchange Place Centre.  For the record, the Goldman Sachs Tower is currently the tallest building in NJ, at 781 feet – but that will soon change with the newest tower currently under construction: 99 Hudson Street…898 feet! 


More from the Skyscraper Capital of NJ: Newport Office Center, Urby (713 ft, the tallest residential building in NJ) and Ellipse, Newport’s newest tower;   

Harborside Plaza 5, Towers of America (currently 4, all 450 ft) and Harborside Plaza 10. 


Finally, we leave you with two “oddities” in Jersey City: the Katyn Memorial (below left) and the LeFrak LightHouse (below right). 

The Katyn Memorial is dedicated to the massacre of Polish soldiers by Josef Stalin in 1939 when Poland was annexed by the (then) Soviet Union.  It holds a prominent place at Exchange Plaza and forever links the United States and Poland as fraternal nations dedicated to democracy. 

The LeFrak LightHouse is not a lighthouse at all: it’s just a decoration!  Samuel J. LeFrak, the real-estate tycoon who rebuilt the Jersey City waterfront (now known as NewPort) in the 80’s, erected the LeFrak LightHouse to honor the Lighthouse Foundation.   Coincidentally, it also serves as a landmark to the marina for any seafaring vessels.  


There are many other office towers and skyscrapers currently under construction thru out Jersey City.  Stay tuned for another updated post soon and thanks for stopping by. 

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Frank Villafañe & Rose Rios