Queen Ann’s Revenge

Queen Ann's Revenge - commercial fishing vessel


This is the image I took of the Queen Ann’s Revenge back in December last year (2017), originally posted without a title.  I’ve since learned that this ship is indeed the Queen Ann’s Revenge, commercial fishing vessel registered in Point Pleasant, NJ.  Surprisingly, I received some disturbing news the other day…

It seems the Queen Ann’s Revenge was lost at sea earlier this month: the Coast Guard searched for the boat and the men piloting her, but were unsuccessful in finding either ship or crew.  I happened to catch the report on News 12 the morning when the search was called off.  Normally, I would not have paid much attention to these kind of reports, but since this was the Queen Ann’s Revenge that I had recently shot at the docks not knowing her name and having looked it up at the NOAA site – well, this was now quite personal.  

First of all, my sincerest condolences to the families of the crew members lost at sea, Crewmen Paul Matos and Dennis R. Smalling.  Sadly, I did not know either gentleman, and now wish I had the opportunity to have met them, to learn of their struggles and their triumphs…but most of all to hear of their adventures on the Queen Ann’s Revenge.  Godspeed and may they rest in peace. 

As for the ship herself…sadly, all that are left now are memories and any surviving photographs – I would like to think these images serve as a fitting tribute.  

With respect, to any surviving family members: if you are interested in obtaining either or both images, I would be more than happy to send them on.  Please contact me directly at the email listed on the website, or call me at 732-688-1467.  Once again, my condolences…indeed, a fine ship and a fine crew were lost.  

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