Veterans Day Tribute : Korean War Memorial


On the boardwalk in Atlantic City is the Korean War Memorial, which pays homage to all who served during the “Forgotten War”.  This Veterans Day it is fitting that we pay tribute to these men and women who gladly gave up their freedom and made the supreme sacrifice that we might enjoy ours, reminding us once again that “Freedom Is Not Free”.  

Many returning Korean War veterans did not speak of the war, as returning veterans from other conflicts usually do (notably WWII and Vietnam).  Most Americans of that era were largely unaware of the goings on in Korea, other than a cursory radio broadcast, and the surviving Korean War Veterans quietly went back to their lives.  But if not for their sacrifice, South Korea would not be free.  No one can deny the vast differences that exist today between South Korea and North Korea.  

The Memorial features a number of life-size statues of soldiers in conflict, some wounded and being carried off the battlefield. 


But the most striking is the 20 foot figure of a soldier reflecting on the recovered “dog-tags” of a fallen comrade.  


There are a number of other Korean War Memorials, the most prominent being in Washington DC.  This was the closest to us, being in Atlantic City, NJ.

On this Veterans Day, we’d like to thank all of the Veterans in our immediate families, who served and are currently serving: 

Thomas Rios, Purple Heart recipient, served with Honor in the 65th Borinqueneers in Korea, US Army (RIP)
Radames Villafañe, served with Honor in VietNam, 23 year veteran, US Air Force
Davis Rios, served with Honor in South Korea, US Army
Rosemarie Villafañe, served with Honor, US Air Force
Radames Villafañe Jr, served with Honor, US Air Force
Rafael Alicea III, currently serving, US Air Force
Jeremy Villafañe, currently serving, US Army

And finally, we wish to extend our thanks to all the Veterans who served and all the men and women in our Armed Forces who are currently serving: 

Thank you for your service! 

And just for the record, we both served as well – myself with the US Air Force, and Rose 32 years with the Department of Defense.  
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Frank Villafañe & Rose Rios